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Respecting the tradition of a true host, given every sunny piece of land planted fruits and vegetables that have a refined taste of this area and high content of natural minerals and vitamins, the Cojic family has grown from a small family business to a company employing over 50 workers, including over 500 families of agricultural
holdings. The main activity of the company is the purchase, processing and packaging of fresh, frozen and dried fruits, vegetables and forest berries as well as refrigerated (mashed chilled) and organic fruits. It has a storage capacity of 2000 tons, with plus and minus chambers as well as its own fleet. All this is covered by the IFS standard and the Ecocert certificate for organic products. Coja promet products are on the shelves of the largest retail chains in Serbia, Europe and Russia.

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Our quality management begins with the cultivation of raw materials. Long-term and personal contacts with producers ensure reliable production and strict supervision and control of production by experts in the agricultural profession guarantee health safety. Thanks to well-organized logistics and our own fleet, our products are delivered reliably and on time.


The farmers who supply us work according to strict, proven quality guidelines. Thanks to their many years of experience and enthusiasm for their products, they can meet the high demands placed on our raw materials. We have been relying on this for years. Long-term relationships of trust are important to us because we need reliability, trust and flexibility. Only in this way can cultivation, harvesting and processing go hand in hand. Each product follows the traceability established by our control rules from the field to the final customer!


If quality begins with management, it is important to keep an eye on its long-term security immediately afterwards. We contribute to this with the detection, reduction and avoidance of risks, which begins with the harvest of the fruit, continues over the entire production process and only comes to an end when the goods are dispatched. With our various methods, such as testing for foreign body contamination, microbiological examinations by the accredited laboratory or documented control of goods delivery, we at Coja promet effortlessly keep the the quality of our products at a consistently high level. The team of agricultural experts manages the production process to comply with all provisions of food law!


Freshness and the best quality is the result of sound management and the long-term view that everything flows in the best possible way. We at Coja promet take on the coordination of the converging strands of production and service with responsible corporate management. We respond to the high quality requirements of our customers, as well as to the provisions of the food law. This means that our products and services reliably achieve their maximum - to the delight of our customers.


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